Where do you buy your meat?

All our beef comes from farms in Oregon. The exotic meats come from farms where they grow the animals. For example, the alligator meat comes from Panama City, FL. All our meat comes from FDA approved farms.

How do you make your jerky?

We cut the meat in thick big pieces, we season it, and then we smoke it in a big oven. Once it's cooked to perfection, we let it cool down, and we finally airtight bag it. This ensures a fresh taste, and an easy chew.

Where do you make the jerky?

Our jerky is made in an FDA approved facility in Oregon.

Is your jerky hand made?

Yes! All of our jerky is handmade from beginning to end!

Do you use grass-fed beef?

Yes, our beef is grass-fed up until the last month, when they get some grains as well.

How long will the jerky last in the sealed package?

Jerky will virtually last for many years, as long as the package is airtight. The refrigerator/freezer is a good place to store jerky.

Why is jerky a keto friendly source?

Because jerky is high in protein (12g per ounce), and as little as zero sugar in some recipes.

What is Carolina Reaper Pepper?

The Carolina Reaper is a cultivar of the Capsicum Chinese plant. Developed by South Carolina breeder Ed Currie. Average Scoville scale is 1,569,300 SHU (the measurement for heat in food). We use one pound of powder Carolina Reaper pepper per 100 pounds of beef, and it's still really hot!