How do I get my funds?

Most Organizations will want to be in control of the fund account.  Only the Organization will need to register their payment account information.  Participants will not be required to enter any payment account information.  

By listing what Organization they belong to under “Company Name” (see here), all funds will be filtered solely to the Organization.

If the Organization wishes for each Participant to be responsible for their own funds, the Participant will need to register their payment information.  Still include the name of the Organization.

We are currently set up to Venmo the money as a default, but we can add a bank account as an option if that works better for your organization.

Funds will deposited into your account on a weekly basis or let us know if something else works better for you.

To setup up your account info, login into your account here.

Then, navigate to your profile page (it has the icon of a person).




Scroll down to “Payment By” and click “More Info”





Check the Venmo box (or let us know if you need a different method) and enter in the Venmo account address.