Since 2014 our family has travelled the US selling our jerky. Now you can, too!

Do you or someone you know own a business? Have you thought of having something to snack on for yourselves or customers? Do you think you could sell jerky to a location, out of your location or anywhere your feet take you?

Rickey's Jerky is available for wholesale. The country is wide open! Ideally, our wholesale buyer is a small to medium sized business with less than 100 locations, and sees the value of our product in their business. We prefer to avoid national companies as the red tape is too thick.

For the Business Owner: We will send you the display stand and jerky. You set it up. We will go over the cost and shipping.

For the Distributor: Same as the business owner, except you find your own customers/locations. This is a huge opportunity to create your own business. Start by building and running your own route. As it grows, you could hire someone to restock it and then build more routes.

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